All about the bassline


A popular party point in the city saw revelers let go and indulge in some deep house, heavy mixes and even heavier basslines, as DJ Rocky served some of his newest mixes, even surprising the crowd with some fun twists to very popular numbers! Chippi and Jishnu were seen catching up with their other party pals, while Manit and Nikita made their way to the dance floor, burning up the floor in tune with the high energy EDM beats, Vineeth and Aditi, who were initially by the lounge enjoying some snacks and their tipple of choice, couldn’t help but join in on the dance floor. Suhasini looked stylish and elegant in her semi-formal shirt and skirt ensemble. Shibani, Swati and Darshini were seen having a great time. As in Deccan Chronicle, dated: 11/12/2014. Pic Courtesy: Manivasagan Namasivayam.

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