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Horror Thriller Movie “Yoogan” to release this April

“Yoogan” is an upcoming Tamil horror, suspense thriller film directed by Kamal G. Starring Yashmith and Sakshi Agarwal in the lead roles along with Siddhu GRN, Pradeep Balaji, Shyam Kirthivasan, Tarun Chakarvarthy and Suresh Pillai. Rashaanth composed the music. Alex Premnath composed the background score for the film, and cinematography was done by Ravi Arumugam. Nikkil Murugan is the public relations officer(PRO) for the film. The title of the film, “Yoogan” refers to one who guesses what happens next and therefore, is named after the audience and he wants to keep the audience guessing. It is a horror story which revolves around the problems that happen in an IT company. The movie is set to release by April 2015. Yoogan Motion Poster: Movie – Yoogan Production – Twin’s Production Release – Abirami Mega Mall Story, Editing and Direction – Kamal G Cast – Yashmith, Sakshi Agarwal, Pradeep Balaji, Siddhu GRN & Shyam Kirthivasan. Cinematographer – Ravi arumugam Music – Rashaanth Arwin Background score – Alex Premnath P.R.O – Nikkil Lyrics – Prabhu G, Murugan Manthiram and Aravind Kanna Source: http://www.cinemaglitz.com/news/tamil-movie-news/horror-thriller-movie-yoogan-to-release-this-april/

Yoogan is a horror story

Of late, horror stories have become famous and are doing the rounds in K-Town. Director Kamal has come up with another horror story titles Yoogan which is set in an IT company. Director revealed that the film is about the problems that happen in an IT company. We hear that there are six different characters in this film, which are played by newcomers Pradeep, Shyam, Sidhu, Yashmith, Sakshi Agarwal and Arun. The director also added that he doesn’t want to reveal the hero of the film. He wants his audience to guess the hero and the story of the film. – As on Galatta.com Source: http://www.galatta.com/tamil/news/yoogan-is-a-horror-story/81926/

Yoogan is a horror story set in an IT company

Talk about horror stories and the first place that one can think of is a dilapidated building or an ancient, uninhabited structure. The last place one would expect a horror story to take place is in an IT company. But this is precisely where what director Kamal, who is in the process of making his film Yoogan, is planning to set his story. Says the director, who is keeping the details of his film a secret, “All I can say is that my film’s story revolves around the problems that happen in an IT company. It is a horror-based flick.” Ask him who is playing the lead and he smiles and says, “I don’t want to disclose the hero of the film. There are six important characters in the film, which are played by Pradeep, Shyam, Sidhu, Yashmith, Sakshi Agarwal and Arun. I want to keep the audience guessing. In fact, the title of my film, Yoogan refers to one who guesses what happens next and therefore, is named after the audience.” As said to TOI, Chennai. Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/tamil/movies/news/Yoogan-is-a-horror-story-set-in-an-IT-company/articleshow/45004633.cms

Yoogan Movie New Stills

Sakshi Agarwal gets spooked shooting for a horror flick

Actress Sakshi Agarwal has just finished shooting for her debut Tamil film Yoogan. The film is a horror flick, a genre that Sakshi doesn’t enjoy watching as she is scared of ghosts. “I had to watch six to seven horror films in order to prepare for the role. The story is a suspense-thriller and has a lot of scary element to it,” says Sakshi. Speaking about her experience on working in the film, the actress says, “It was really spooky for me to shoot in jungles and deserted places since most of our schedules were at night. And when I have to shoot all alone for few of the scenes, I was even more petrified,” The shoot took place at Toothukudi near Madurai and Kodaikanal. The director of Yogaan, Kamaljeet, is making his debut with this film. “The male lead is also a newbie, but I can’t reveal his identity to keep the suspense of the plot intact,” says Sakshi. – As said to TOI, Bangalore.

Yoogan Movie, in Final stage of shooting

Yoogan Movie, in Final stage of shooting. Poster in DailyThanti.    

What Spooked Sakshi Out

Actress Sakshi Agarwal, who is all set to debut in Kollywood with the horror-thriller Yoogan, had a spooky experience while filming for the film. She recalls, “We were shooting during the nights in the outskirts of Kodaikanal recently . There is this dark, deserted stretch that we had to pass through to reach the location. When we were travelling to the location one day , the lights and the engine went off suddenly at the stretch. We didn’t worry much then, but then, it happened again while we were returning. I’m a Sai Baba devotee and I usually fast on Thursdays. Since I was continuously shooting, I was unable to fast that day . It so happened that in the same deserted stretch, I spotted a Baba temple. This sort of freaked me out and I was telling the team that something is weird.“ Meanwhile, the Bangalore girl is quite excited about making her Kollywood debut. “Usually , actresses prefer to make their debut in commercial flicks. But I am glad that I am making my debut in an offbeat film. I am scared of horror flicks, but the script is a rather interesting one,“ she says. – As said […]

It’s a horror film with no special effects – Sakshi Agarwal

It’s not common to see a gold medalist in engineering turn into an actress. Sakshi, who has done two films in Kannada, now forays into Kollywood as the female lead in the film, Yoogan. It’s a time in K’town when most filmmakers are coming up with horror flicks as they do well at the box office. Yoogan is another horror thriller that’s all set for release. Ask her about her debut Tamil film, she says, “I am happy to play the lead in the film, as it’s not a horror film with a run-of-the-mill story. It’s something new for Indian cinema. The makers of the film didn’t opt for any special effects in the film, which most of the horror films incorporate. Everything was shot realistically, even the make up for the artistes in the film was kept realistic, it’s not animation or VFX since it’s a horror flick.” Sakshi says her role has different shades and she believes it is the perfect debut for her. The film was shot, using a 4K camera, she says. She tells us how suddenly she got into films. “I was working in a leading corporate after completing my MBA. Being a gold medalist, […]

Real make-up over VFX in horror film – Yoogan

Director Kamal.G has avoided using visual effects (VFX) in upcoming Tamil horror-thriller “Yoogan” and he has instead relied on real make-up for his actors to keep the look as authentic as possible. “To explore horror sequences, we avoided using VFX and instead shot everything with real make-up to make it an authentic experience for audiences. It’s not that the end product looks bad in VFX, we just wanted it to appear realistic,”. “We’ve shot the film using 4K camcorder, which will make the cinematic experience more real,”. Kamal G wants to give audiences a Hollywood experience through his film. “I believe this movie will set a different trend in the horror genre in Tamil cinema. I want to give audiences an overall Hollywood experience,”.