City’s Young And Restless Lovin’ it



Every night is a fun night for the party lovers, thanks to the increasing numbers of pubs in the city.

Recently, the young and the restless were spotted all dressed up, ready to dig into the delicious treat that delicious treat that this recently opened pub had to offer.

Judging by the every day turnout at this watering hole, it’ll be safe to say that it is quickly becoming quite the place to be in. The night of fun unlimited saw that the party goers had just one agenda on mind -dance till you drop. The DJ was at his usual best, and spun out one fast number after another. And, the dance floor was packed with guests matching the racy beats with their moves.Putting their best foot forward, we Putting their best foot forward, we saw Giri and Shebna posing for the camera. Vasundhara and Edmund, and Aarti and Rohit looked like they had colour-coordinated their clothes. Fun and drinks flowed freely as guests at the party raised three cheers to the great evening. As in TOI, dated: 28/08/2014.

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