Reason to party? Birthday da

Yashmith_TOI_31_07_2015What’s a birthday without lots of friends and a huge bash, right? And that’s exactly what actress Sakshi Agarwal did on her birthday a few days ago. She organised a party for friends and acquaintances at a banquet hall in a plush hotel in the city and had a blast. There was music, lots of masti, dancing, ribbing, and good fun at this event.

The DJ kept the volume up, and lured most of them onto the dance floor. The birthday girl, Sakshi, was dressed in a gold-and-green short dress, and looked ravishing. She accepted everyone’s warm wishes graciously, and as the cake was cut, made sure everyone got a slice. Among others present, there was Yashmith, who stood out in his designer silver-trimmed shirt. Leena’s bright-red clutch took away all the attention from her frilly short dress…A golden clutch was what was needed, dear. As in TOI, dated: 31 July 2015. Pic Courtesy: Praveen Tyagarajan.

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