Sakshi Agarwal gets spooked shooting for a horror flick

Actress Sakshi Agarwal has just finished shooting for her debut Tamil film Yoogan. The film is a horror flick, a genre that Sakshi doesn’t enjoy watching as she is scared of ghosts. “I had to watch six to seven horror films in order to prepare for the role. The story is a suspense-thriller and has a lot of scary element to it,” says Sakshi. Speaking about her experience on working in the film, the actress says, “It was really spooky for me to shoot in jungles and deserted places since most of our schedules were at night. And when I have to shoot all alone for few of the scenes, I was even more petrified,” The shoot took place at Toothukudi near Madurai and Kodaikanal. The director of Yogaan, Kamaljeet, is making his debut with this film. “The male lead is also a newbie, but I can’t reveal his identity to keep the suspense of the plot intact,” says Sakshi. – As said to TOI, Bangalore.

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