Yoogan is a horror story set in an IT company

Talk about horror stories and the first place that one can think of is a dilapidated building or an ancient, uninhabited structure. The last place one would expect a horror story to take place is in an IT company. But this is precisely where what director Kamal, who is in the process of making his film Yoogan, is planning to set his story.

Says the director, who is keeping the details of his film a secret, “All I can say is that my film’s story revolves around the problems that happen in an IT company. It is a horror-based flick.”

Ask him who is playing the lead and he smiles and says, “I don’t want to disclose the hero of the film. There are six important characters in the film, which are played by Pradeep, Shyam, Sidhu, Yashmith, Sakshi Agarwal and Arun. I want to keep the audience guessing. In fact, the title of my film, Yoogan refers to one who guesses what happens next and therefore, is named after the audience.” As said to TOI, Chennai.


Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/tamil/movies/news/Yoogan-is-a-horror-story-set-in-an-IT-company/articleshow/45004633.cms

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